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Construction News Summit
Awards table

Network with over 1200+ construction leaders

Construction News presents two annual awards where sponsors can significantly increase brand presence:

  • Construction News Awards
  • Construction News Specialists Awards

Our award-winning marketing team delivers an eight-month multimedia campaign and beyond the awards night. Your company can build lasting business relationships and gain market share.

Various sponsorship options are available.

Attendees: 1,200+    
Marketing strengths:  Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


A premier event to network, gain political clarity and identify fresh opportunities

The Construction News Summit, now in its second year, provides insight from major political figures, public & private clients, developers, investors and economists, including discussions with CEOs from the top contractors and practical breakout sessions for construction leaders and suppliers.

Sponsorship positions your branding at the forefront of this growing and highly respected event that ‘gets under the skin’ of the industry, along with premium networking opportunities in a business focused atmosphere.

Platinum, gold and silver sponsorship options are available, providing:

  • Speaker and workshop hosting opportunities
  • Branding at the forefront of the minds of contractors and clients in the sector
  • Thought leadership, networking and exhibition space

Delegates: 250+    
Marketing strengths:  Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert



Host a debate with key industry clients, contractors and experts

Create and co-host a bespoke roundtable with Construction News and engage a precise audience directly. We invite 10-15 senior figures from the industry on your behalf to discuss a topic agreed in conjunction with you.

Roundtable benefits:

  • Key networking
  • Thought leadership
  • Minimum of three page editorial write up

Marketing strength: Lead and Grow, Contact and Convert


Network with 1,200+ industry leaders

Construction News hosts two market leading awards ceremonies every year:

  • Construction News Awards – the largest and most prestigious in the industry
  • Construction News Specialists Awards

Bespoke packages available, with 10 seats on every table, giving you face to face access to 1,200+ key decision makers and industry leaders.

A prime networking opportunity, awards table buyers gain access to the table plan prior to the event in order to plan conversations and introductions.

Marketing strengths: Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert

Bespoke content

Partnership publishing
Twitter chats
Video production

A unique event of 30 – 40 industry leaders

A Construction News briefing is created on a bespoke basis with you, surrounding a topic of your choice.

Hosted by Construction News, briefings include:

  • 30 minutes networking/arrival time
  • Breakfast
  • Intro from Construction News
  • Two minute address from sponsor
  • Up to Three x 10 minute presentations from guest speakers  
  • 15 minute Q&A

Venue, speaker and content is collaboratively agreed with Construction News editorial and you, ensuring you gain priceless networking with delegates and establish you as a thought leader.

Attendees: 30-50
Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert


A prestigious members-only club of C-suite top 100 contractors

The Contractor 100 Breakfast Club is the exclusive quarterly meeting for the C-suite senior decision makers from the top 100 contractors in the UK. Held at an exclusive London venue with speakers from the political, business and economical arenas, this is the most prestigious club in the construction industry.

Members are comprised of:

  • Chief executives, chief financial officers, chief operating officers
  • Managing director, director
  • Partners, chairman and programme directors

Sponsorship provides networking and ongoing brand positioning. Guest speakers are from the political, business and economical arenas and the event is held under the Chatham House Rule to ensure candid debate.

Few events can provide access to such an elite audience.

Attendees: 60-90
Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Contribute to unique editorial content

Construction News offers partnership publishing to guarantee a journalist led avenue into the publication on a mutually agreed agenda or theme.

We will work with you to ensure that it has integrity, relevance and offers something to make it valuable to our readers.

Our production team will lay it out to ensure that it appears editorially seamless with the publication and it will be branded as a Construction News feature produced in collaboration with your organisation.

Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Engage with thousands of Twitter followers immediately

Twitter chats offer access to a broad audience in real time. Sponsors decide on topic of debate alongside Construction News to ensure popularity and success.

We promote Twitter debates five days before the event via:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • The Construction News website

Position your organisation as a thought leader in your chosen topic and raise awareness of your brand through the Twitter community. The debate is clearly branded and views expressed are not conveyed as those of Construction News.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain


A banner at the top of the mobile site enables sponsors to take ownership of the whole mobile site.

Bought on a monthly tenancy basis, mobile sponsorship enables your branding to be seen alongside leading editorial content read by an ever-increasing number of mobile users.

Marketing solution packages: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Commission Construction News to create video content

We can interview key figures in the industry on your behalf and create powerful video content.

Video package includes:

  • Video hosted on the Construction News website
  • Online ads driving traffic to video
  • Video file for own use

Engage our audience with powerful content.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain

Lead generation

Solus emails
Whitepaper downloads

Generate 100-400 leads for your organisation

Sponsor a Construction News webinar to engage with a pre-registered target market and receive immediate quantitative leads for your sales team to capitalise on. Work in collaboration with Construction News editorial to create an engaging topic and unique content to be streamed live to a global audience.

Viewers can:

  • Send live questions to panelists
  • Download whitepapers
  • Vote
  • Comment
  • Rate

We promote webinars through a minimum of three solus emails leading up the event and social media activity. 

Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Send your own email to up to 19,000 registered users

Instantly build your brand by emailing 19,000 Construction News registered users. A solus email campaign compliments print display and digital activity to create three touch points with your target audience.

Solus email content, message and creative is supplied by the sponsor, but sent out from Construction News to an engaged audience from across the industry.

Use solus emails to:

  • Capture data
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Find out who is interested in your product

Typical open rates: 15%, vs. industry standard of 2.75%
Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Generate relevant leads for your business

Quality leads can have an impact on your sales team.  Construction News will promote your company’s whitepaper and give you timely, quantitative leads.   

Provide us with relevant content through whitepapers, case studies, videos or research, and we’ll market it via an interactive mix of channels including:

  • The Construction News website
  • Newsletters
  • Social media

Whitepapers build an efficient sales pipeline, and bring in an engaged audience of decision makers.

Volume: 30 – 100 leads
Marketing strength: Contact and Convert, Lead and Grow


Find out who your customers are and what they want

Commission Construction News to create and run a market survey on your behalf so you gain exclusive insight into the target audience.

Surveys are promoted via:

  • Email
  • The Construction News website
  • Social media

Sponsors have the option to host a prize draw and capture data. Your company will also receive results and audience demographics.

Typical respondents: 40–300+ depending on topic
Marketing strength: Contact & Convert, Lead & Grow


Channel sponsorship

Raise your brand profile online

Communicate with more than 76,000 registered professionals and on average over 130,000 monthly website visitors, or across specific web channels to gain maximum attention.

Online display lets you reach these leaders directly as they browse our daily content.

Standard ad formats include:

  • Upper leaderboard
  • Top MPU
  • Skyscraper
  • Bottom MPU
  • Lower leaderboard
  • Bespoke advertising formats and positioning available

Marketing strengths:  Announce  & Explain, Contact  & Convert


Make an impact online

Construction News offers dynamic, creative online marketing solutions that boost the visibility of your brand, increasing interaction and redirecting traffic to your website.

Creative ad formats include:

  • Skins
  • Double skins
  • Full page takeover
  • Double MPU/ video

Maximise the impact to your target audience.

Unique users: 133,000+ per month (based on Jan-Mar 2014)
Page impressions: 321,000+ per month (based on Jan-Mar 2014)
Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Become a part of the Construction News website,

Sponsoring a channel provides coverage across all ad positions (1-5) on an exclusive basis, thereby blocking any potential competitors from advertising at the same time on that section of the website.

Sponsoring benefits:

  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Targeted
  • Interactive

Reach viewers who care about the areas your company concentrates in.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Get your message delivered straight to the inbox

Reach an active and motivated audience with fewer distractions. We distribute daily email newsletters, regional and sector newsletters and an in-depth weekly round-up to thousands of subscribers. Banner and skyscraper positions are available.

Popular newsletters include:

  • Daily news: 42,000+ registrants
  • Weekly news: 11,300+ registrants
  • Regional newsletters: Between 4,000 - 8,000 registrants, depending on the region

Sector newsletters: Between 3,000 and 6,200 depending on sector
Average open rates: 21% (National rate at 3.26%)
Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Contact & Convert


Contract publishing

Your brand in the hands of the construction industry

Our award winning weekly magazine is the leading resource for the construction industry.

Advertising in Construction News is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your brand amongst our high profile subscribers, and will strengthen any multi-media campaign. 

Print display formats include:

  • DPS
  • Full page
  • Half page horizontal
  • Half page vertical
  • Horizontal strip

Position your advertising next to our award winning journalism.

Average Net Print Circulation: 9,110 (Jan – Dec 2013)
Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow


Make a statement online

Make an impact and stand out from your competition through our creative print ad formats.

A variety of different formats will get your brand noticed.

Creative ad formats include:

  • Bellyband
  • Cover Wrap
  • Gatefold
  • Polybag
  • Inserts

Advertising on or around the front cover of Construction News is the ultimate way to make sure your advertising is seen and your brand is recognized before competitors’ and talked about.

Average Net Circulation: 9,110 (ABC Jan – Dec 2013)
Marketing strengths: Lead & Grow, Announce & Explain


Construction News’ dedicated supplements provide highly targeted editorial and positioning.

With a long reference lifespan and targeted content, supplements can become annual pieces with huge reader demand.

A powerful thought leadership vehicle, Construction News supplements have included:

  • IPAF magazine
  • Construct yearbook

Sponsor a chapter, help shape content, and position your organization as a thought leader.

Marketing strengths: Announce & Explain, Lead & Grow


Get your content in Construction News

Promote and highlight your company’s project or profile against features that we carry in the magazine by supplying advertorial content that runs alongside editorial pieces.


  • Sits alongside editorial, increasing audience interest
  • Maintains your brand visual alongside editorial content written and designed by you

Other advertorial formats are available on request including DPS and full page.

Marketing strength: Lead & Grow, Contact & Convert

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